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    We are Craig & Mary Kessler, parents, grandparents, educators, and entreprenuers, who founded Beehive Academy and Preparatory School in St. George, Utah, in 1997.


    Our son, Mori, is the reason Beehive Schools exists. After being homeschooled from the 3rd through the 9th grades, he wanted to be with his peers and try the public system. He took a few classes during his 10th grade year, but after two weeks in the 11th grade came home exclaiming: "If I'm going to get a good education it's going to have to be at home." He wanted better academics AND a better environment. We reasoned that there were others in like circumstances and so started the private school. Mori graduated in 2000, but we continued for the sake of others through May of 2011. Now, in 2018, we are reopening because there is an even a greater need for good academics, and more importantly, the kind of environment that invites the Spirit.

MORE ABOUT BEEHIVE SCHOOLS and THE ONLINE CURRICULUM - Enjoy this dated, but still pertinent four minute video.

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To Learn More about the Curriculum - See Online Curriculum Page
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